Chapter 13: Rescue
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“Portal Station Nerrivik, this is Sabian Delain of the CHM Arion. We are on approach on direct line from primary Nerrivik at distance 50 K, requesting landing clearance.”

Sabian nudged the control stick slightly and awaited a response. The Arion raced towards the portal station, leaving faint contrails of ionized plasma from each wing. The com remained silent. Not a good sign. Sabian checked his indicators; he should have a clear channel to the station. He spoke again.

“Portal Station Nerrivik, this is CHM Arion. Signal is five by five, are you receiving? Please respond.”

Sabian was fairly sure the problem wasn’t on his end. He had been hoping that Lani’s imagination had been running wild. His instincts told him otherwise. He changed channels and tried to con...

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