Chapter 11: The Warrens
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Most of Lani’s clothing was still in her Ursa Minor bag. Sabian was always far too prepared to completely unpack. Sera was another matter altogether. Her clothes and weapons were strewn across the bedroom. Sabian hastily grabbed what he could and began stuffing it in a small duffle bag.

Sabian wondered how the amount of clutter Sera could generate was so much more than either of the other two. Especially Lani. Weren’t children supposed to be the messy ones?

“We’ll have to leave the rest,” Sabian said. “The best defence is not to be here at all when the battle starts. Let’s go.”

Sabian froze suddenly, ducked back into the room, then re-emerged twenty seconds later. He was holding a pink toothbrush shaped like a racing starship.

“We’re not leaving...

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