Chapter 9: Blueshift
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Dinnertime finally came, and it was time for Sera to get to work. With great reluctance, they ended their lessons and ordered dinner; some sort of rice dish. Sera was having a good time with Lani and Sabian. The last thing she felt like doing was getting dressed to pick up some creepy gangster.

“Don’t pick at your food, mom.” 

Lani was looking at her with feigned sternness. Sera hadn’t realized she’d been dawdling. She felt like an eight-year old herself.

It occurred to her that she didn’t have anything bar-appropriate to wear. There was a small clothing store next to the bistro on the bottom floor of the hotel. She grudgingly bought a low-cut red dress. The very-helpful salesperson tried to talk her into purchasing matching patent heels. 

Sera trie...

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