Chapter 6: Moth
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Sabian knocked on the door early the next morning. Sera had been awake for about an hour, preparing. Lani was still asleep on the bed. Sera looked through the door monitor, saw that it was him, and let him into the room.

“Hi Sabian,” she said, “Thanks again for coming.”

As much as she wasn’t fond of Sabian Delain, she was incredibly relieved to see someone she could trust. 

The Trillium gangsters in the Ikenga Arcade hadn’t recognized her, but it was only a matter of time before someone did, and she didn’t want Lani around when that happened. The sooner she finished her assignment, the sooner she could get off of Nerrivik and out of danger. Or, at least, into a reduced amount of danger.

“Where is the girl?” Sabian asked.


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