Chapter 5: The Emerald City
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The ship arrived at the spaceport in Emerald City, the capital of Nerrivik IV. The sun was setting as they arrived. The sight of the city after nine years brought tears to Sera’s eyes. Lani’s face was glued to the window, her mouth hung open with amazement.

The planet Nerrivik IV was saturated with beryl, in the form of aquamarine, golden beryl, morganite, and due to the high amount of chromium in the planet’s composition, emerald. As the name implied, Emerald City was built on the largest emerald deposit in the known galaxy. 

The cityscape of downtown Emerald City was a dazzling display of huge skyscrapers built from rectangular slabs of pure gemstone and mirror towers of polished chromium. The arrangement and lighting of the city was planned to maximize its breathtaking effect. Sera...

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