Chapter 4: Nerrivik
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Once the midday sky of Valdres had dissolved into the blackness of space, Sera finally let herself relax. She noticed that her hand was trembling. Lani was curled up across the two seats next to her, fast asleep. She was snoring, a soft whistling noise. She was resting after an exhausting day as only a child could. Sera, on the other hand, was wide awake. Stale adrenaline still coursed through her system.

She had her baby girl back. But what now? Lani was in more danger than ever before.

“How do I keep you safe, child?” she asked, quiet enough not to wake the her. Her daughter stretched out, nestling her head on Sera’s lap, then settled down again. Sera stroked her hand through the sleeping girl’s hair. It was soft and silky.

The first thing she needed to do was...

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