Chapter 2: Castile
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Sera Storme needed to get paid. The 10,000 RD from this mission, along with what she had already saved, would put her well on her way to paying off her Trillium debt. That was assuming, of course, that they wouldn’t charge her interest. At the very least, it would give her something to work with, maybe enough that she could show that she was trying to make it right, maybe even enough that Elysse might accept her apology and call off her hounds.

Maybe she was fooling herself. As with most things in her life though, she had few choices. Either way, she needed that money. Even if paying Trillium back wasn’t in the cards, a life on the run took its toll on a woman’s finances. She hoped that Dione Systems wouldn’t dock her for Allistair Lu’s injuries.

Sera sat in a mes...

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