This isn't how it was supposed to end (1)
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Finally, it was time to go. Time to leave the sanctuary of Brian and Lisa’s home, and say the first of many goodbyes. 

The tears came in waves, leaving me gasping for breath. My pastor told me he wished he had taken more time to get to know me even better, but that from what he saw I was an amazing, lovely, sweet girl. And that he was going to miss the violin in worship. His wife Lisa held back tears as she hugged me, saying, “Goodbye for now, till you come back and we grab a cuppa together.” I forced a smile amidst my tears, not certain when, if ever, I would be able to take her up on that. Her sons standing nearby also gave me hugs, a little awkward because of my mess of tears and snot. I tried to not be so serious, to not think that this was the last time I w...

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