As It Chimes
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All throughout the manor house, the incessant chiming of a bell prevailed the otherwise uninterrupted quiet.  Randal would hear it, lost as he was within the twisting, turning, narrow hallways forever.  As would Eva, who had finally found her place in the trophy room, among the many assorted heads on display.  Her husband, Steven, would visit her on occasion.  When he could stand to pull himself away from the most important football game of his life, he had been known to sit a while, in the high-back chair, alone and staring into the fire.  Not drinking really.  Merely watching.  Watching flames glint within the ruby red eyes of his wife. 

The bells would chime for Frank as well.  But to him, they sounded more like spurs as he quested for the everlasting fix.  Elusive...

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Table of Contents

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