Brightly Colored Pills
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“Keep digging, Honey.  You’re bound to find something interesting down there, eventually,” Nurse Helen said. 

Every time Cindy dove beneath the floor, it was as if she jumped off the edge of the reel in the movie of life.  Darkness and silence surrounded her so complete, it was like slipping into a warm bath of nothingness.  And if she tried to scream down there?  She wondered.  Would it make a sound?  Like being in outer space.  Muted also was the pain.  Every inkling of shame, regret, and every hard day of living was blessedly removed for an instant and when she returned, when she pulled her upper body out of the crawl space, her fists clenched dozens of brightly colored pills. 

All the pills she could ever want, and then some.  All th...

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Table of Contents

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