Double Eagle
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“Help me!”  Sandra huffed, before her head sank back below the floorboards. 

Cindy looked straight at her, a look of horror etched in her glazed eyes. 

“Don’t just stand there gawking!  Help me, you idiot!  Give me that pillow case.” 

Her younger sister obeyed instinctively.  She was used to taking orders from Frank.  The moment Sandra’s fingers clasped around the empty pillow case, she dove back into the dark.  Around her on all sides and in messy stacks, gold coins rose like miniature towers.  They glinted in the scarce light of the room.  Again, Sandra emerged, she practically had to crawl inside, and dumped another fistful of double eagles on the floor. 

They sloshed wetly to the side.  Cindy could see t...

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