Day 175 3520
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I don’t know if I could be any sadder. I met with Razjosh and Elder Frazier. Razjosh showed me a news feed he’d had from Kaleem. Darn. I still love him. I could hardly breathe as I watched him. And I couldn’t stop the tears forming in my eyes. How embarrassing. How unfair on Julien. 

Well, Kaleem announced that switch-off was ended forever on Terrestra.

“And of course that brings a lot of joy,” said Razjosh, “but the added burden of us not knowing precisely when we are going to die.”

“We think you are the ideal person to encourage people to be positive,” Frazier added.   

Why would they think that?

And I can’t do it yet, anyway. Today I had the news that Julien has been killed in an explosion...

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