Day 106 3520
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It’ definitely got more interesting in the N.I.Z. On a personal level, I mean.

The woman who winked at me caught me at the end of the meeting. Rita’s her name. She asked if we might meet up. There were some things she wanted to talk to me about. I agreed to meet her that evening. She invited me to eat in her home.

Well, it was a real cosy evening. They still have some way to go in the N.I.Z, but they’re getting there and it’s all the better for being a little lower tech. She cooked some really delicious food, without the help of any Autochefs or kitchen robots and told me that she thought there was still much work to be done on the Terrestran attitude. The fear of disease and contact with other people was all tied up with why the Z Zone became the Z Zone.


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