Day 101 3520
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I got my marching orders today. I’m to go into the Zone and meet with their Chiefs. It’s interesting, actually, talking of their Chiefs. They don’t have a formal system like we do for selecting their leaders. They just wait and see who becomes a natural one. And all the time we were there, Kaleem and I, we never got to meet any of them, or really even know who they were. We did know that Narisja had been one when she was more lucid and that Ben-Mariah, the story-teller, was much respected. He’s very frail now, but completely with it, unlike poor Narisja.

But anyway, today I went to an open meeting of the N. I. Zers (Newly Integrated Zoners)  Norman Handwood, the chief Chief, was in charge. He was quite an impressive man and very focussed. We talked about the problems of overpop...

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