Day 62 3520
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Oh, my God! It’s all happening at once. Everything.

Louish contacted me today. Kaleem is definitely off the planet. His work in the Z Zone has finished. They are all to be fully integrated now. The only difference is that they will not go through switch-off. And Louish then did one of those I’m-not-really-supposed-to-be-telling-you things.

She winked at me and then whispered: “They are going to start negotiations about ending switch-off for everyone. Frazier told me. The Stopes programme may have to be intensified of course. It’s highly likely that you’ll never have to face switch-off. Neither may even Frazier or I.”

“Will they do it in time for Razjosh?” I asked.

Her face dropped. “Sweetie, I hardly think so.”

There w...

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