Day 42 3520
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I am totally depressed today. I couldn’t concentrate on my work and ended up watching the celebrations of Razjosh Elder’s life. It’s less than a year, now, to his switch-off. He still seems very active to me. And he’s certainly been so supportive to Kaleem.

Kaleem! How is he going to manage without that constant source of wisdom? It will all be down to him once Razjosh’s gone. What will the Z Zoners make of that? The man who persuaded the current Peace Child to work with them, now having to go through that very thing which made them turn to the Z Zone in the first place.

Razjosh was an unlikely Peace Child then. He was very popular when he was younger and also very athletic. Perhaps that explains why he is still so fit. He wanted to be a sports man.  T...

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