Day 30 3520
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I’ve done the wickedest thing I could do, but also possibly the most daring thing I have ever done. I just happened to be leaving the building at the same time as Julien. He didn’t actually see me and I had this crazy urge to follow him.

That’s really such a freaky, sneaky thing to do, but I just had to. I’ve got to find out more about him. He does worry me a little. I like him too and I don’t want him to get into trouble. I guess I wouldn’t be able to stop him, though.

Well, he didn’t get into a transporter, so that made it easy. He walked – fairly briskly, I have to admit, so that made it difficult – over the Reality Park. He could have taken a public transporter. I’ve no idea why he didn’t. I had to keep some distan...

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