Day 361 3519
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Three days ago was what they used to call Christmas. They used to give presents and have big meals with families and it was all to do with a prophet they called the Son of God. What or who is God, I wonder?

Well, Kaleem is supposed to be the fulfilment of a prophecy. He always used to say that Razjosh had told him that they made up prophecies so that they could make events fit them so it justified certain things happening. Well, maybe. But all that stuff about the Peace Child and the Babel Tower was just- spooky, really. Marijam still won’t talk about it all really. Yet when we were in the Z Zone, it all seemed as if it must have been real enough.

Anyway, day 358 was just like any other day. Except that it’s beginning to get lighter again. I try to always go out on...

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