Day 312 3519
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I’m really getting to like my new place. I’ve got some sort of routine going now, and Louish has been in touch re the Adulkis. She asked me to plan the day for them. I’ve almost completed that now. I really enjoyed doing it.

Best of all, though, I’ve got to know a couple of new people. Masie Thomas and Julien LaFonte. Masie called by to welcome me to the block.  She says that people basically keep themselves to themselves, but do keep an eye out that everyone is okay. It can be quite odd, with so many living alone now. You could die and no-one would notice. Even the monitors might not pick it up. Not soon enough anyway. So, there’s a system for everyone making sure that they’ve seen their neighbours every couple of days and we let our “buddies” kno...

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