The Richman and the Alchemist's Niece (Part Three)
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A bowl of dried fruit, a jug and a goblet had been left on the small table beside his bed. He ate and drank deep in thought. The dreams now haunted him even in his waking hours. He would have to make time this morning to see his Soothsayer.

    His generals and admirals had gathered in the Council Room. They rose as he entered and took their seats only when he had settled in his high-backed chair. His gaze ranged round the table. Which ones could he trust? Which ones were potential traitors? He weighed them against each other. This one, supremely talented and ambitious, he kept short of supplies and men. To this one, slow-thinking but of proven loyalty, he had given several elite battalions. He would serve as the first line of defence in an attack on the Emperor.

    They pore...

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