Revelations of the Past
By Michelle Cook

Rachel Lenzi      9/17/16 2:12 AM

I love this interpretation of the biblical passage - seeing it through someone's eyes, as opposed to third-person.
Michelle Cook      9/17/16 10:27 AM
Thank you Rachel, I'm so glad you're enjoying it. This series is based off of a personal journal of mine, and it's been exciting to see the words come to life.

Sandra Robinson      9/05/16 7:08 PM

Thanks great! I know I really enjoy writing mine! Good luck to you!

Sandra Robinson      9/05/16 6:12 PM

Hi Michelle! This series is going to be exciting to read! I am looking forward to your upcoming chapters!
Michelle Cook      9/05/16 6:29 PM
Thanks Sandra! I'm really excited to share this series with everyone. It's been so much fun to write!