A Father's Final Words - Based on Genesis 49:2-33
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Then I heard Jacob speak for the very last time.  He gathered all of his sons together and one by one he told each of them something that he wanted them to remember.  He said, “My son’s, you will be known as the twelve tribes of Israel and because of this, I want to say one final farewell to you and offer each of you, one final blessing.  To Reuben he said… “Even though you were my firstborn and I love you dearly, you let me down by having a relationship with Leah and your double inheritance and all the rights and authority that should have been yours, will not be given to you.”  To Simeon and Levi he said… “You two fight and feud over things that don’t really matter and your anger is uncontrollable.  You have both disgraced me by your fit...

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