Final Farewells and Blessings - Based on Genesis 47:27-31 & 48:1-22 & 49:1
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Israelites eventually moved into the land of Goshen and acquired property there and became quite prosperous.  Jacob had now lived in Goshen for seventeen years and was now one hundred and forty-seven years old.   Jacob knew that he was about to die and called for his son Joseph so that he could tell him his last and final request.  He asked Joseph to show him kindness and faithfulness by burying him in the same cave in the land of Canaan where his own father was buried and his wife Leah and others before them.  Then Joseph swore to his father that he would do this for his father upon his death.  Jacob bowed in thanks to God at the head of his bed.  His feeble body barely able to raise back up.  Joseph made sure that his father was well cared for and fed him, trying in e...

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