Established Agreements - Based on Genesis 47:7-26
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Joseph then returned for his father and brought him before Pharaoh, just as he had done with his five brothers   After Jacob was presented to Pharaoh, Jacob blessed Pharaoh and Pharaoh ask Jacob how old he was.  Jacob responded and told Pharaoh that he was one hundred and thirty years old.  He also added that his years had been few and quite difficult.  After Jacob had finished blessing Pharaoh, he was dismissed and sent back to Goshen to attend to his family.  Joseph escorted his father back to Goshen and helped Jacob and his brothers settle into the land that had been given to them.  The land was in the district of Rameses and was considered the best land that could be found in the entire area.  Joseph made sure that they had an ample amount of food and provisions to...

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