Occupational Security - Based on Genesis 46:31-34 & 47:1-6
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After having spent a few minutes catching up with his father, Joseph now had a serious look on his face and told his brothers what they must do.  It seemed that in order for them to stay in Goshen, which was just outside the palace area of Egypt near the delta of the Nile River, they had to convince Pharaoh that this was where they should be allowed to stay.  Out of all the areas in Egypt, this area had the best pastureland and would be the perfect place for their livestock to flourish.  Joseph began to counsel his brothers on what they were to say when they met with Pharaoh, all in order to gain his approval for their request.  He told them that they had to tell Pharaoh that they had been shepherds their entire lives, just as their fathers had been before them.  Because of this, th...

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