Reunited - Based on Genesis 45:25-28 & 46:1-30
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Once the brothers arrived back home, they got down off of their camels and raced inside to tell their father all that they had learned.  With tears in their eyes, they joyfully proclaimed that Joseph was alive and well and living in Egypt.  They explained to Jacob how they had not known it before, but that it was Joseph all along who was now the governor of Egypt.  At first, a look of shock and bewilderment crossed Jacobs’ face and then he looked out the window and saw the carts sitting outside next to the donkeys, the revelation of what his sons were telling him set in at that moment and he danced around the room as if he were once again a young boy.  Fully rejuvenated now from learning the wonderful fate of his son, he announced that he was convinced and asked his sons how s...

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