Hard Decisions - Based on Genesis 43:1-10
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I stayed with Jacob and his sons, and every day that went by, I saw Jacob become more and more grieved.  He knew that Simeon was being held prisoner and he didn’t want to risk Benjamin's life for the sake of Simeon's.  It was a terrible position to be in as a father, and the weight of the world seemed to be on Jacob’s shoulders.  His heart was breaking, and he just didn’t know what to do.  When the grain finally ran out, there was nothing left to do but to return to Egypt to buy more.  They would all surely starve if they didn’t find food soon, and Jacob couldn’t deny this.  Jacob finally told his sons that they must go back to the governor and buy more.  Judah spoke up to his father and reminded him of what the governor had said, that if...

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