Trickery Leads to Sorrow - Based on Genesis 42:27-38
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When the brothers stopped for the night, one of them opened his satchel to get some grain out for one of his donkeys and realized that his silver was in the mouth of the bag.  I could see him tremble in fear as he relayed what he had found to his brother’s; then all of them became fearful and none of them knew what they should do.   When they finally returned home, their father came out to greet them and asked where Simeon was.  The brothers all began to explain what had happened and why Simeon was not with them.  Then they began to unpack their satchels and discovered that all of the silver they had each handed over in order to pay for the grain, had been returned to their bags.  All of them were quite confused and shaking in fear of what might happen to them since apparen...

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