Bittersweet Revenge - Based on Genesis 42:1-26
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The famine wasn’t just in Egypt and reached all of the outlying areas as well, and so I wondered what had become of Jacob and his family who were still living in Hebron in the land of Canaan.  I focused my mind on Jacob and found that he was still alive and well.  From the moment I got back to Hebron, I heard nothing but arguing over what was to be done about the great famine in the land.  Word came eventually though that there was grain to be found in Egypt, and so as soon as Jacob became aware of this, he called to his sons to announce what he had heard.  I was surprised to see Judah together with his brothers and I was also surprised by how aged they all looked.  Some of them even had sons, and I wondered what their families were like and how all of them were doing. &...

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