Prince Zaphenath-Paneah - Based on Genesis 41:41-57
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After the announcement that Joseph was to be put in charge of all of Egypt, the servants dropped everything they were doing and began to attend to Joseph at once.  Pharaoh took his signet ring and slid it onto Joseph's finger.  This ring gave Joseph the authority to make all the decisions governing Egypt and he was accepted as if he were the king himself.  Pharaoh dressed him in the finest linen robes that could be found and adorned Joseph with a golden chain which he wore around his neck.  Joseph rode with Pharaoh in his chariot and was proclaimed second in command.  People scattered and showed honor and respect, and even bowed down to Joseph who was indeed the new prince of Egypt.  Pharaoh insisted that nothing was to be done in all the land of Egypt unless it was first approved by J...

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