Dreams Really Can Come True - Based on Genesis 41:17-40
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The dreams overpowered me and caused me to fall backward.  I tried to focus on the visions that were reeling by, but I couldn’t seem to keep my balance and I kept having to pull myself back up as the visions spun and whirled me around.  The force of the dreams caused me to feel as if I were spinning out of control, falling into another dimension of time.  Focusing hard on one particular scene, I was able to steady my position and finally capture the dream.  Now it was as if I were the dreamer of the dreams.  I found myself standing on the bank of the Nile River.  Seven cows suddenly emerged from the murky waters.  They seemed to be well fed and healthy looking, and they were feeding on the reeds which grew alongside the riverbank.  Then, just as suddenly as the first seve...

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