The Reality of Dreams - Based on Genesis 40:1-23
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During the time while Joseph was in prison, Pharaoh had become upset with his cupbearer and baker.  Apparently, they had offended Pharaoh and because of this, they were handed over to Potiphar and in turn, placed in the hands of Joseph to care for them while they were in prison.  A long time passed while Joseph took care of the two men, and he came to know them fairly well.  One morning, both of the men looked haggard and dejected.  Joseph, being the kind-hearted soul that he was, wanted to know what was wrong and how he could possibly help the men with whatever they were struggling with.  Both of them admitted that they were concerned and confused over what they had dreamt the night before, and they were especially sad because neither of them could interpret their dreams.  Joseph felt...

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