Unjustly Accused - Based on Genesis 39:1-23
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I thought often of Joseph and wondered how he was faring now that he had been sold into slavery.  I focused my thoughts on his face and soon found myself in the middle of a luxurious room.  I cannot even begin to describe how extravagant everything was in comparison to where I had just been.  Everything was made of stone and the walls were etched with beautiful paintings which brightened the dull gray walls.  I was all alone admiring the brilliance surrounding me when suddenly a handsome young man entered the room.  He looked as if he were in deep thought and I wondered who he could be.  He wore a colorful linen striped robe which was exquisite in its design.  When I looked closer at the man, I noticed something oddly familiar and wondered who he was.  I looked into his dee...

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