Caught Red Handed - Based on Genesis 38:24-30
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It had only been three months since Judah’s encounter with Tamar and it seemed that Judah had come to learn that Tamar was now pregnant and had been found guilty of prostitution.  Judah had no idea that Tamar was the woman he had slept with, and his response was to have her burned to death for her wickedness.   Tamar knew when to play her trump card though, and just as she was being carried away to be put to death, she sent a message to Judah telling him that she had become pregnant by a man who had given her his signet ring on a cord and his staff.  Upon seeing these things in her possession, Judah was now inclined to put an end to her death sentence because he recognized the items as his own and realized how clever she had been.  He realized why she had plotted against hi...

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