Prostitution or Plotting - Based on Genesis 38:12-23
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Many years had now passed and Tamar was growing even more impatient waiting to be married to Shelah.  Judah’s wife had recently died and Judah grieved for many days.  With no grandchildren and only one son left, he felt himself begin to plummet once again into a pit of loneliness.  As the days went on and he continued to feel this way, his friend Hirah came to check on him to see how he was.  Hirah persuaded Judah to go with him so that they could shear their sheep together in Timnah, where several others were shearing their sheep as well.  As the two men traveled along, Judah spotted a woman alongside the road who was wearing a veil and was dressed like a prostitute.  I could tell who she was and wondered why Judah didn’t recognize her.  Men always surprise me wit...

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