Widowed by Wickedness - Based on Genesis 38:1-11
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I didn’t know if Judah felt guilty for what he had done to his brother Joseph, but for some reason, shortly after he returned from Dothan, he left for Adullam and went to live with a man named Hirah.  I followed him around wondering what he was up to and it appeared that he was just very lonely because he sought out a wife and married a woman whose father’s name was Shua.  Over the next several years, his wife gave birth to three baby boys.  I stayed with their family for quite some time and when their first son Er was old enough to be married, I watched as Judah went looking for a wife for him.  I wondered why Er couldn’t seem to find a wife for himself and he seemed hesitant when his father came back from his search and brought a lovely woman named Tamar.  She wa...

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