Animal Cruelty - Based on Genesis 37:1-2
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Now that I was back in Hebron with Jacob and his family, I wondered how Jacob’s sons were doing after all this time.  I wondered if they had finally found happiness and contentment since they were able to settle down and have some sense of normalcy.  It didn’t take me long to find them since I could see them plainly from where I stood.  They appeared to be on a distant hillside tending to some of the sheep.  I decided to walk over and see how they were doing and wondered if they had changed much since I had last seen them.  Joseph was just a little boy the last time I saw him and from where I stood, it appeared that he had grown into a handsome young man.   When I got closer and saw what was going on, I immediately wished that I was back with Esau and his family. &n...

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