Dwellers of the Earth - Based on Genesis 36:1-43
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While watching Esau pack up his things and prepare for the journey home, I decided that I needed a break from Jacob and his family and followed Esau to Seir to see what his life was like there.  Esau and Jacob had discussed their current living arrangements and agreed that living apart from one another made the most sense.  Each of them had become quite prosperous, and there just wasn’t enough land to support both of them living in the same place together.  So Esau went back to Seir, which was home to the Edomites, and Jacob agreed to stay in Hebron which was home to the Canaanites.  When I finally arrived in Seir, I realized that Esau had five sons who were now all fully grown.  Esau still only had three wives and they were still causing trouble even in their old age.  I was...

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