Love's Final Breath - Based on Genesis 35:16-20
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Now that Jacob and his family were out of harm’s way, Jacob decided to take everyone and go south to Ephrath.  The number of people traveling with Jacob had greatly increased now because the Shechemites were also present.  The children and the smaller animals had a hard time keeping up and hindered their ability to move in a timely fashion.  Thus, it took twice as long to go anywhere and this caused hardships for everyone.  Rachel was pregnant and from what I could tell, was not faring very well.  I kept watch over her the entire way and began to notice her growing paler by the minute.  She appeared to be breaking out in a cold sweat as she sat atop her camel.  I noticed her tipping toward the side of her saddle about to fall from her camel when  Jacob swooped in and...

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