Defiled - Based on Genesis 34:1-19
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I hadn’t really paid much attention to Jacob’s daughter Dinah until the day she was attacked.  It seemed the reason I had not paid much attention to her, was because she had been spending most of her time in the city with some of the women her age.  On this particular day though, a group of women came carrying Dinah back to the homestead. Her clothes were torn and covered in blood, and her friends tried their best to carry her over to her mother, Leah.  Poor Dinah could barely move and Leah demanded to know who had done such a thing.  The women all told of a man named Shechem who had grabbed Dinah away from the other girls when she was standing outside alone.  He then proceeded to carry her off over his shoulder, taking her to a secluded grove of trees; where he rape...

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