Leaving the Past Behind and Starting Anew - Based on Genesis 32:31-32 & 33:1-20
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It was already mid-day before Jacob passed Peniel and because of the hip injury he had obtained while wrestling with God, he was now limping as he walked.  I wondered how this wrestling act would affect generations to come.  It seemed like every time something like this happened, there was always some sort of reaction by the people.  I figured since Jacob’s hip socket had been injured, that the Israelites would probably feel superstitious about eating the tendon which is attached to the hip socket.   Jacob just kept hobbling along and refused to ride one of the camels.  Jacob tried not to let the pain hinder his abilities and kept his face down as he walked to hide his miserable expression.  When he finally looked up, he noticed Esau off in the distance with all of his men.  Jacob...

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