Preparing for the Worst and Hoping for the Best - Based on Genesis 32:6-21
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The messengers had finally returned and the news they delivered brought poor Jacob to his knees.  Apparently, Esau was coming out to meet him with four hundred men alongside him.  After seeing the look on Jacob’s face when he learned of this, I decided to read his thoughts.  I then discovered just how scared he was.  Jacob’s imagination was sprinting ahead into a world of chaos and confusion.  Horrific images of death and destruction crossed his mind and I broke free from his thoughts as quickly as I could, as they became too grim for me to watch.  Flustered by what I had seen, I hoped that none of it would prove to be true.  Without further hesitation, Jacob got up off of his knees and began to take action.  He ordered his family to form two groups, along with the...

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