The Army of Angels - Based on Genesis 31:55 & 32:1-5
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Everyone was up early the next morning.  Laban’s grandchildren were all lined up and ready to give their grandfather their final goodbye kisses.  As soon as Laban departed with his family members, Jacob and his family finished packing and left as well.  Along the way, I was quite surprised when a great multitude of angels appeared in front of me.  Jacob saw the vision too and was so amazed by the sight, that he named the place Mahanaim because it reminded him of what he thought was surely God’s army of angels.  I didn’t know what to think and had never seen so many divine creatures all in one place.  They were truly inspiring to look upon and left me bewildered and awestruck by their presence.  Jacob hadn’t forgotten all that the Lord had spoken to him about, a...

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