Almost Caught Red-handed - Based on Genesis 31:25-54
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The next day, I walked along with Laban and his family as they tried to catch up to Jacob and his.  The day was warm and the putrid stench of the camels seemed to increase as the day went on.  The flies were a nuisance as well, and everyone was doing their best to slap them away.  I could tell that even the camels were getting aggravated; as their tails were working hard, smacking the troublesome pests away.  I walked all that day, trying to keep up with everyone and was relieved when Laban suddenly spotted Jacob and his family up ahead.  It appeared that they were just starting to unpack and settle in for the evening.  I wondered what would happen now that they had been found.  Laban got down off of his camel and made a beeline for Jacob.  He was angry and his fists w...

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