The Chase is On - Based on Genesis 31:21-24
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Jacob and his family had been traveling for over a week now.  I watched as they made it over their first major hurdle; crossing the Euphrates River.  The cattle, donkeys, and camels, all seemed to fair alright.  The smaller animals seemed to have a much harder time.  The river was very deep in some places and made it hard for the animals to cross safely.  Some of the younger animals had to be carried and even a few of the larger animals struggled against the strong current.  Jacob and his family were trying to make it to the hill country of Gilead before nightfall.  I decided to see if Laban was in pursuit and focused my mind on the homestead back in Harran.  By the time I arrived, there was nobody there except for some of the servants who had been left behind to tend to...

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