Leaving in Haste - Based on Genesis 31:1-20
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When somebody is blessed in an amazing way, others tend to notice, and this is exactly what started happening to Jacob.  In fact, Jacob overheard what Laban’s sons were saying about him.  They were calling him a thief and Laban's attitude towards Jacob was less gracious and hospitable than it had been.  I could hear the Lord speaking to Jacob one afternoon; the sound of God’s voice was kind and reassuring.  He was telling Laban to go back to his homeland to be with his family again.  Of course, after the Lord spoke to Jacob, he immediately rushed out to tell Rachel and Leah about the Lord’s words to him and how he was feeling about the way Laban had been treating him.  He also told them about a recent dream, where God revealed to him that He had purposely allowed on...

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