Many Tiny Blessings - Based on Genesis 29:31-35 & 30:1-24
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Over the years, I watched Leah give birth to four sons and poor Rachel still did not have any.  Rachel became extremely jealous of Leah and the two could hardly stand to be in the same room with one another.  Rachel finally became so frustrated that she asked Jacob to impregnate her maid Bilhah, so that she could have Bilhah’s children for her own.  Jacob agreed to the plan and over the years I watched as Bilhah gave birth to two sons through Jacob.  It was about the time when Bilhah gave birth to her second son, that Leah realized she could no longer conceive and asked Jacob to take her maid Zilpah and impregnate her.  Jacob agreed, and Zilpah also ended up having two sons through Jacob.  The competition between Rachel and Leah was getting out of hand, and because of this, Jac...

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