Family Feud - Based on Genesis 29:28-30
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Jacob tried to avoid Rachel for the rest of the week.  He couldn’t bear to see the hurt in her eyes.  I decided to see how Rachel was doing and found her sitting all alone in the tall grass out in the pasture where she and Jacob would sometimes meet.  I could tell that Rachel was heartbroken.  She had a faraway look on her face and twirled a blade of grass between her thumb and index finger, looking mesmerized all the while.  After leaving Rachel to her thoughts, I went in search of Jacob to see what he was doing.  He seemed to be busying himself with afternoon chores and rushed around like he was in a big hurry but had nowhere to go.  Leah was outside doing some laundry, I could tell that she had been crying because her eyes were puffy and red with dark circles under...

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