The Seven Year Deal - Based on Genesis 29:15-20
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Laban had been watching how hard Jacob was working and felt guilty that he hadn’t been paying him for his labor.  Even though Jacob was family, he still felt he should be paying him something for his work.  It was a sunny day and I watched as Jacob worked out in the pasture, wrangling up a stray sheep.  Laban spotted him at once and walked over to Jacob to tell him that he wanted to start paying him for all of his hard work.  Jacob thought about this for a moment and knew he really didn’t want to be paid.  He was in love with Rachel and only worked as hard as he did because of his love for her.  After thinking it over, he asked Laban if he could forgo his wages and just work for Laban for the next seven years in return for Rachel.  Laban thought for a moment...

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