Love is Found Amongst the Sheep - Based on Genesis 29:1-14
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Fueled by this newfound love for God and excited to see what else God had planned for him on this journey to Harran, Jacob set out once more in order to find his uncle Laban.  Before long, he came across a well in an open field.  There were several flocks of sheep lying all around the well and Jacob saw some shepherds out in the field and asked them where they were from.  When he found out they were from Harran, he also asked them if they knew Laban.  The shepherds acknowledge that they knew Laban and also pointed out his daughter Rachel who was bringing her sheep over to the well as they spoke.  It was midday already, and Jacob inquired why they were not watering the sheep yet.  The shepherds explained that they waited for all of the sheep to arrive before watering them sin...

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